International Courier Service Garudavega Vs ShoppRe

Garudavega Courier Vs ShoppRe

Let’s look some of the points in the comparison.

  1. Basic Understanding of ShoppRe:

What does ShoppRe do? It help any customer who is not residing in India to buy products from Indian shopping websites.

ShoppRe provides a local address where the products purchased from Indian ecommerce websites can be sent and if there are many more products from a single customer, the consolidation and repacking of the products are done by ShoppRe and sent to your doorstep in your country.

Shipping all the products from India to anywhere in the world – YES

Shipping products from anywhere in the world to India – NO


Column Features Garudavega ShoppRe
1 Ship from India to anywhere Yes Yes
2 Ship from anywhere in the world to India No No


  1. Discounts on ShoppRe in General is more:

We have cracked a perfect business model to help the consumer at the maximum benefit.  Customer is the king is being implemented in the literal sense.

Features Garudavega ShoppRe
Discount on the shipment charges 40-60% off 60-80% off


  1. Shopper, Plans and Local Address:

You always request your cousin or family member in India. No need to taunt them more, because ShoppRe will be your cousin in India. This feature is called “Personal Shopper”. About the membership plans, the price the is offered by shoppe for the monthly and yearly subscription is comparatively lower than others.

The customer gets a local address of ShoppRe in Bangalore, India which houses the entire inventory setup. There the products that you have sent gets consolidated, repackages and gets ready to be shipped to your doorstep.

Features Garudavega ShoppRe
Personal Shopper No Yes
Membership plans Yes Yes
Provision of virtual address No Yes


  1. Android/iOS App, 24/7 and Currency Catering:

There is a specific data on using app to deliver the service. Most of the business players in this segment don’t have an app to deliver customer experience. But ShoppRe is coming up with its own app with the integration of partners.

Sundays are free to most of the customers that shop from and it is imperative for us function on Sunday to deliver our services. Garudavega has a different business model but the final verdict is that they don’t deliver their services on Sundays.

Since both Garudavega and ShoppRe operate in the International market, it is essential for any organisation to have currency flexibility. But USD is the accepted International currency.

Features Garudavega ShoppRe
Mobile App No Upcoming
Working on Sundays No Yes. 24/7
Seller invoice currency other than INR Yes Yes


  1. Custom Laws, Shipping Cost Calculator:

Every Indian outside India understands the complexity of the custom laws when shipping any product. These complexities exist for companies like us as well.There are many a times when the items during shipping gets held at the airports and there will be a big hassle to get the information unless you visit the customs office.

ShoppRe helps you with the real time update of the position of shipment.

Minimum weights which everyone ships is around 5Kgs, which is lesser in Shoppe compared to Garudavega.

The UI of the shipping cost calculator is better in ShoppRe than Garudavega, as it offers lot more information.

Features Garudavega ShoppRe
When packages are on hold No info available Email & Phone Communication
5 Kgs of Shipping cost to USA INR 1750 INR 1150
Price Calculator No Yes


  1. Customs, In-House Inventory, Shipment History:

The exact drop down of customs taxes that are involved is provided by ShoppRe. This information will earn the trust of the customer and keep them informed on what actually they are paying for!

The in-house inventory is one the main attraction of ShoppRe. The locker facility is given up to 20 days.

Every customer is unique to shoppe and with the shipment history feature, you can get to know all the previous shipments you had done with ShoppRe, which will benefit us to give you further discounts and inform you about that.

Features Garudavega ShoppRe
Custom Duty and Tax Calculation No Yes
Locker Facility No Yes (20 days)
Shipment History Feature (UX) No Yes


  1. Pick-Up, Stores and Discount Points:

When we talk about the automatic scheduled pick-up, all the process involved is done online and there is no human interaction and this will reduce all the confusion and the hassle. This is available in ShoppRe and also it includes the stores options, where a separate locker is provided to each customer.  

Then there are many ways in which the customer can stick to One such prominent method is through loyalty points. The figurative score is present in the customer’s account in This depends upon the shipment history, customer happiness and how often, the customer has used ShoppRe services.

Sadly all these are not present in Garudavega or there is not much info available on it.

Features Garudavega ShoppRe
Automatic Schedule pick up No Yes
Fav. Stores Option No Yes
Loyalty Point to earn discount No info available Yes


  1. Become a Partner, KYC and Special Photo Service:

There are so many membership plans available to the long-time partners at that Garudavega have very few of it.

There is a monthly subscription plans, a quarterly plan and an yearly plan as well. The partner customer of can choose any of the plan which suits him the best and register with ShoppRe.

And on the side of documentation in this data driven world for better customer experience, “Know Your Customer” feature helps any company netter under their customer and subsequently serve them better. ShoppRe takes care of these nuances in an informed manner instead of taking away the data without the permission of the customer.

Photo Service: This is a unique feature offered by in international shipping. The anxiety of the customer tends to raise when the product sent or to be received has not reached the exact time specified. This photo service, will assure the customer with photos during the movement of the item in inventory.

Features Garudavega ShoppRe
Becoming a Partner No Yes
Documents Uploading Feature No Yes
Photo Service No Yes