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# Libas
Product Name A- Line Kurta
Solid Kurta with Palazoo
Khadi Solid Kurta
Cotton Trousers
Product Type Cloth Cloth
Total No. of  item 3 2
Delivery Fee Free Free
Weight 0.44 kg 0.66 kg
Ordered On N/A N/A
We Received it On  26/07/18 30/07/18
Total Cost Paid  ₹3138.45/-  ₹3138.45/-


Weight Kilograms(Kg)
Actual Weight 1.30
Volumetric Weight 2.00
Net Weight 2.00

Cost Paid to Us/ Package Level Charges

Categorized Charges Specifics
Package Photo Fee ₹0/-
Storage Fee ₹0/-
Package Consolidation Fee ₹300.00/-
Repack Fee ₹0/-
Extra packing material Fee ₹0/-
Discounts / Offers ₹201.60/-
Package Return Fee, if any ₹0/-
Stored For 20 days
Country-specific Discounts 50%
Split Package Fee ₹0/-
Incorrect Address Penalty ₹0/-
Special / Liquid Clearance charges ₹0/-
Over-the-limit Weight Charges ₹0/-

Other Charges

Fuel Charge Not yet updated
GST Not yet updated

Shipping & Payment Gateway Charges

Payment Gateway Credit/ Debit Card
Gateway Fee ₹0/-
Total Shipping Charges ₹2880.00/-
Package Level Charges ₹300.00/-
Discounts / Offers ₹201.60/-
Total Customer Paid ₹2978.40/-

Shipment Journey

Dispatched From Bengaluru, India
Dispatched To New York, USA
Dispatched On  17/08/18
Delivered On 21/08/18
Dispatched Duration 4 days

Courier Partner – Rates

Partner Amount paid
DHL ₹2880.00/-

Customer Feedback

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