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Luminous 3.5KVA Pure Sine Wave Inverter Shopping from Amazon India, Ship to Sri Lanka

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Product Name Luminous 3.5 KVA Inverter Odonil Nature Freshness ITC Master chef chicken masala Women’s Sandals
Product Type Electronics Room Freshner Foot items or Grocery Footwear
Total No. of items  1 2 1 4
Delivery Fee Free Free Free Free
Weight  31.86 kg  0.52 kg  0.36 kg  0.39 kg
Ordered On N/A N/A N/A N/A
We Received it On  25/07/18 31/07/18 23/07/18 12/07/18
Total Cost Paid  ₹15590/-  ₹390/-  ₹30/-  ₹1300/-

Weight of the Entire Shipment

Weight Kilograms (Kg)
Actual Weight 35.27
Volumetric Weight 18.00
Net Weight 35.50

ShoppRe Charges/ Package level Charges

Categorized Charges Specifics
Package Photo Fee ₹0/-
Storage Fee ₹0/-
Package Consolidation Fee ₹900/-
Discounts/ Offers ₹0/-
Package Return Fee, if any ₹0/-
Stored For 20 days
Country-specific Discounts 50%
Split Package Fee ₹0/-
Incorrect Address Penalty ₹0/-
Special / Liquid Clearance charges ₹0/-
Over-the-limit Weight Charges ₹2500/-

Other Charges

Fuel Charges Not yet updated
GST Not yet updated

Shipping & Payment Gateway Charges

Payment Gateway Credit or Debit Card
Gateway Fee ₹1692.40/-
Total Shipping Charges ₹13224.00/-
Package Level Charges ₹3700.00/-
Discounts /Offers ₹0/-
Total Customer Paid ₹18616.40/-

Shipment Journey

Dispatched From Bengaluru, India
Dispatched To Sri Lanka
Dispatched On  10/08/18
Delivered On 17/08/18
Dispatched Duration 7 days

Courier Partner – Rates

Partner Amount Paid
Fedex ₹13224.00/-

Customer Feedback

Customs Details N/A
Issue Faced N/A
Feedback N/A
Delivery Delayed N/A
Pricing Feedback N/A
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