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# Facebook Seller
Product Name National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019 Saree and Blouse
Product Type Book Cloth
Delivery Fee Free Free
Formats Paperback & 2019 Printed
Weight 0.42 kg 3.00 kg
Ordered Date 2018-07-20 2018-07-20
Received Date 2018-07-27 2018-07-27
Total Cost ₹789/- ₹7000/-


Weight Credit/Debit Card
Actual Weight 3.42 kg
Volumetric Weight Cost 2.80 kg
Net Weight 3.42 kg

ShoppRe Cost

Package Photo₹0/-Package Return Fee₹0/-Discount/Offer7%

ShoppRe Cost #
Storage Charges ₹0/-
Package Charges/Consolidation ₹300/-
Stored For 16 days
Country Discount 40%
Split Package Fee ₹0/-

Other Charges

Shipping Charges #
DTDC ₹2100/-
Fuel Charge 1.12%
GST 1.18%
Liquid Clearance Charge ₹0/-
Wrong Address Charge ₹0/-

Shipping & Payment Gateway Charges

Payment Gateway Credit/Debit Card
Gateway Fee ₹0/-
Total Shipping Cost ₹2100/-

Shipment Journey

Dispatched From Bengaluru, India
Destination Dubai, UAE
Dispatched 2018-08-11
Delivered On 2018-08-16

Partner & Competitor Rates

Shipping Partner DTDC
DTDC Rates ₹2100/-
Competitor Rates ₹1649/-

Customer Feedback

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