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Wide Range of Products, Men’s Cotton Formal Shirt Set Of 6 From to Iraq

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Specifics Homeshop18 Shopclues Indiarush
Product Name Hangup Men’s Cotton Formal Shirt Set Of 6 Routeen Men’s White Slim Fit Formal Trousers
Girls Footwear
Women Blue Shorts
Women Top Set Of 6
Men Track Pant
Anarkali suit
Product Type Clothing Clothing, Footwear Clothing
Total No. of items  1 5 1
Delivery Fee Free Free Free
Weight  1.12 kg 1.72 kg  1.47 kg
Ordered On N/A N/A N/A
Received it On  08/05/18 08/05/18 05/05/18
Total Cost Paid  ₹100.00/-  ₹205/-  ₹100/-


Weight Kilograms(Kg)
Actual Weight 4.09
Volumetric Weight 6.10
Net Weight 6.50

Package Level Charges(Incurred by Shoppre)

Categorized Charges Specifics
Package Photo Fee ₹0/-
Storage Fee ₹0/-
Package Consolidation Fee ₹650.00/-
Discounts/Offers ₹0/-
Package Return Fee ₹0/-
Stored For 8 days
Country-Specific Discounts 50%
Split Package Fee ₹0/-
Gift Wrap Fee ₹0/-
Incorrect Address Penalty ₹0/-
Special Item/Liquid Clearance Charges ₹0/-

Other Charges

Nature Cost
Fuel Charge Not yet updated
GST Not yet updated

Final Shipping Cost- Breakdown

Invoice Specifics Info
Payment Gateway PayPal
Gateway Fee ₹1274.25/-
Total Shipping Cost ₹12092.50/-
Package Level Charges ₹650.00/-
Wallet Amount Used ₹0/-
Total Customer Paid ₹14016.75/-

Shipment Trial

Trial Specifics Info
Dispatched From Bengaluru, India
Dispatched To Iraq
Dispatched On 22/05/18
Delivered On 12/06/18
Dispatched Duration 21 days

Courier Partner- Rates

Partner Amount Paid
DHL ₹12092.50/-

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