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Maggi Noodles & Channa Sattu on Amazon and cost-effective delivery to USA

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Specifics Details of Purchase from ‘Amazon.in’
Product Name(s) Maggi Nutri-licious Atta Noodles, Masala, 300g
Pro Nature 100% Organic Channa Sattu, 250g
MTR 3 Minute Breakfast Vegetable Upma Cup, 80g
Product Type(s) Food items
Total No. of  Items 3
Delivery Fee N/A
Weight 2.45 kg
Ordered On 08/02/18
We Received it On  08/02/18

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Total Cost of Items ₹870.00/-
Sales Tax ₹0/-
Personal Shopper Fee ₹200.00/-
Gateway Fee ₹32.10/-
Total Customer Paid ₹1102.10/-
Payment Gateway Paytm

Weight of the Entire Package

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Actual Weight 2.45
Volumetric Weight 3.40
Net Weight 3.50

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Photography ₹0/-
Storage Fee ₹0/-
Package Consolidation Fee ₹0/-
Repackaging Fee ₹0/-
Fee For Extra packing materials, If needed ₹0/-
 Gift Note ₹0/-
Discounts/Offers ₹0/-
Stored For 1 day
Country-specific Discounts 50%
Split Package Fee ₹0/-
Incorrect Address Penalty ₹0/-
Special Item/Liquid Clearance Charges ₹0/-
Over-the-limit Weight Charges ₹0/-

Other Charges

Nature Cost
Fuel Charge Not Yet Updated
GST Not Yet Updated

Final Shipping Cost – Breakdown

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Payment Mode Wire Transfer
Gateway Fee ₹0/-
Shipping Cost ₹2502.00/-
Package Level Charges ₹0/-
Insurance ₹0/-
Wallet Amount Used ₹0/-
Total Amount Paid ₹2502.00/-

Shipment Trail

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Dispatched From Bengaluru, India
Dispatched To USA
Dispatched On 12/02/2018
Delivered On 14/02/2018
Dispatched Duration 2 days

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DHL ₹2502.00/-

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