Personal Shopper International Shipping Service

How Personal Shopper Service Works

Flexible Shopping Experience with ShoppRe Personal Assistance

Why Personal Assistant Service?
  • Indian retailers or Indian Online sites do not accept international card
  • Indian retailers only accept a Indian billing address
  • Indian retailers do not ship to your country
  • Indian retailers not accept your country IP address
  • India Online stores won’t allow you to register unless you have an active Indian Mobile Number, to which your One Time Password (OTP) will be sent.
What is Personal Assistant Service Fee?
  • 7% of total purchase
  • Personal Shopper orders with more than 15 items per online seller will incur an ₹50 per item cost for every item over 15.
  • Simple – Easy – Economic Solutions

Shop without credit card with our Personal Shopper Service

No more barriers to shopping in India

Tell us what to buy for you

Sign up and via the Personal Shopper tab on your dashboard, send us the link or information of the items that you want to buy. We’ll send you an email confirming the order prior to purchase.

Pay for your order

Upon receiving the invoice, you’ll send us payment for your order via any of these methods: Paypal, Debit/Credit Cards, Paytm Wallet, Wire Transfer or Net Banking

Ship and receive your items!

Upon payment, we will buy your items. You’ll get tracking notifications and see photos of your packages when they arrive at our ShoppRe Warehouse. You can decide to get the packages opened, items packed together and shipped to your home, at up to 80% off retail shipping costs.

Personal Shopper Service India

Problems with Indian cards or having only International card & Indian virtual Addresses for Your Indian Shopping?

Personal Shoppers help you buy Indian goods and get them delivered to your doorstep almost anywhere in the world!

There are a lot of merchants in the India who won’t accept international credit cards. Some merchants require that the billing and shipping addresses match when a credit card is used for a purchase. This practice is often used to protect an international distribution deal that protects markup margins on goods in your country, or simply to limit the supply of their goods into your country to create artificial demand.

Here is ShoppRe Personal Shopper Service Help!

Personal Shopping without the hassle

Now you can avoid credit card problems by using ShoppRe Personal Shopper service. Just log in to your account and create a Personal Shopper request. Provide the details of your order by filling the form out. There is a small fee involved to use our personal shopper service, but it is well worth considering. We buy the items for you using our matching Indian credit cards and non associated addresses. Because these addresses are off-site and secret, we can place Personal Shopper orders with companies that don’t ship to other forwarders!

Managing your packages

When the items arrive we will receive them into your account and send you an email notification that your purchase has arrived. You can then log in to your account and manage the packages just like you had made the purchase. Request shipment immediately or wait for other items to arrive so you can consolidate and save on international shipping charges.

What are the things I should be aware of before submitting a personal shopper request?

Please read the important notes listed on the page and also the store return policy.