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Looking for a cheap shipping services to Chicago from India?

The most reliable, cheap and fast shipping from India to Chicago

Cheap Shipping from India to Chicago, USA

Choose ShoppRe for international shipping from India to Chicago as we offer the cheapest and the best way to send your courier from India to USA with our trusted courier partners.

Chicago has become home to thousands of Indians, particularly doctors, engineers, and scientists. More than 113,000 Indians live in Chicago. Indians have created one of Chicago's most vibrant business communities. They own and operate everything from small convenience stores, restaurants and shops in the city to multimillion-dollar high-tech and consulting firms in the suburbs.

With this great number of Indians comes a great demand in shipping services which is met by ShoppRe's amazing set of package forwarding and shipping services so that people can do online shopping from India and get the cheapest shipping charges from India for their courier.

Here is a special discount of ₹200/- Off on your first international shipment to Chicago use code: FRST50

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Some other questions that you might have

1. How to send courier from India to Chicago?

Just sign up to Shoppre and schedule a pickup, while our experts pick up the package you pay for the low-cost shipping, and with the help of renowned courier services like DHL, DTDC and more you get your package within 3-6 days safe and secure.

2. How I can send online rakhi to Chicago from India?

You can buy rakhi online from any Indian shopping website through ShoppRe. Just sign up and use the virtual shipping address at the time of check out, and when your package reaches us, you pay low-cost shipping and we ship it to your address abroad and you get your order within 3-6 days.

3. Can you send furniture from India to Chicago?

Yes, we ship furniture from India to Chicago with our trusted courier partners with 80% low shipping rates and we ensure safe and timely delivery of your package. Thus making Shipping furniture from India to Chicago cost-efficient and hassle-free.

4. How Can you ship jewelry from India to Chicago?

Since any form of precious metals is banned to be exported from India, we ship Artificial Jewellery from India to Chicago through our reliable, cheap and fast courier services that will take care of your package.

5. Can you ship sarees from India to Chicago?

You can ship any type of clothing from India to Chicago, shipping sarees from India to Chicago is possible with reliable, low-cost and fast delivery worldwide within 3-6 days.

6. What are the courier charges from India to Chicago?

We have the cheapest way of shipping by offering up to 80% less shipping cost and the international courier to Chicago, USA starts at just ₹1449/-. You can use our shipping cost calculator to know courier rates from India to USA per kg.

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ShoppRe Shipping Features & Benefits

  • Home/work delivery services
  • 20-day Free, Safe storage
  • Delivery as fast as 3-6 day
  • Real time online tracking
  • Door to door Pickup in India
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • India Shipping Address
  • Door to door delivery in Chicago
  • Photo Updates
  • Wallet Cashback
  • Commercial courier services
  • Online Payment Options

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