You’d be surprised if you see this courier rate per kg from India to Australia!

ShoppRe, not only is the fastest courier service from India to Australia but also is the most reliable option for cheap international shipping to Australia.

We Can Pickup From Anywhere In India And Delivery Anywhere In Australia.

What is the best way to ship some goods from India to Australia?

ShoppRe will take care of all your needs on shipping goods from India to Australia with an unmatched efficiency.
ShoppRe Courier serves all your courier needs with a door-to-door service system and Shop & Ship will help with forwarding all your online purchases from India.

Both of these offer a delivery speed of just 3-6 business days at the cheapest rates possible.

Can we courier medicines from India to Australia

Yes you can. ShoppRe offers to send homeopathic medicines, Ayurvedic or otherwise. Since they come under Special Items category & requires special treatment, the costs would also be slightly different. It doesn’t take much to courier medicines from india to Australia anymore!

How can I courier documents to Melbourne?

Like to the other 220+ destinations in the world, ShoppRe appears to be the best document courier from India to Melbourne as well.
ShoppRe specializes in document couriers & it would be your best option to consider as it takes extra attention and offers the fastest delivery.
And we have a Student Special Offer running with shipping rates starting from just Rs.553/-, especially for documents of academic nature.

How long does it take to deliver to Australia from Hyderabad?

ShoppRe offers a fairly fast courier service to Australia from Hyderabad. Our finest courier partners will come to your door to pick up the package and it will be on its way to the destination in just 48 hours maximum and it will reach in 3-6 business days.

How do I send gifts to Australia from India, online?

The cheapest and best way to send gifts from India to Australia would be via ShoppRe Courier. We also offer the options to gift wrap your gift or add a note to it as it reaches our facility. All you have to do is, ship it to the virtual address we provide, which is to our warehouse.

Check out our pricing & get a FREE estimate!

How do I send a Valentine’s day gift to Melbourne?

To send valentines day gifts to Melbourne, Australia; all you have to do is buy it online from an Indian online store and ship it to us or just schedule a pickup for it if you already have one. We’ll take care of the rest with a 48-hour dispatch and a fast delivery in 3-6 days.

How do I send a Rakhi to Australia from India?

Since doesn’t offer international shipping as an option, to send a rakhi to australia from Amazon India; You can make use of our Shop & Ship services. It is the finest forwarding service you can find from India to anywhere in the world with an amazing set of perks if you sign up.

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