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The tiny bean of an idea of Shoppre is the brainchild of two Indian women who remain Indian at heart despite growing up and belonging elsewhere. Not willing to give in to the heavily pricey outlets abroad to express or satisfy their quintessentially Indian souls - there came the thought of making an exquisitely reliable one themselves.
Having known a huge society full of Indians who would love a better way to access Indian goods; it was a no-brainer to infer that they won’t be the only ones around the world with the same dilemma.
Hours of apprehension and uncountable deliberated thoughts gave birth to Shoppre, which has now extended up to a level to help people deal with all the issues faced with the International Shipping. It's proving itself being one of the best International shipping solutions.


While we fly high with two gorgeous wings on our shoulders – Forwarding and Courier Services; teamed up with all the major Indian online stores and shipping giants such as DHL, DTDC - we create whirlwinds in the industry with our steadfastness and prompt nature.
As we primarily nullify the shipping costs down to 60%-80% lower; our logistic experts also swear by storing, repackaging, consolidating and shipping off each shipment in a fine-tuned system that exists for extreme customer satisfaction.


We bear each customer and their needs close to heart and treat every package as if it were our own.
What we strive for, as a superior entity in international shipping is; getting a better deal for our customers in shipping packages off to ANYWHERE in the world without worrying about even the most trivial of mishaps and most importantly, an undesirable array of shipping costs.


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You've got no reason to wait around any longer, just come Shopp Re!