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Guide to International Shipping
Here are the things you need to know about Vishu festival

Vishu marks the start of a New Year in Kerala and is the first day of the Malayalam calendar. There are many traditional rituals performed on Vishu which includes Vishu Kani, Vishu Paddakam, Vishu Sadhya, Vishu Kaineetam. On the day of Vishu, men wear the traditional mundu along with khadi shirts and women adorn themselves with gold jewelleries. The Indian shopping websites offer a wide variety of products on Vishu.

Guide to International Shipping
Guide to International Shipping: 10 Things to Remember

Learn about the top ten things that one must consider before shipping anything internationally. From shipping price to customs clearance, there are a lot of formalities, paperwork, and charges that need to be taken care of. Check everything carefully and ship your packages safely anywhere in the world.

australia shopping sites
Case Study: Shopping from Indian websites to Australia

See how our customers shop from popular Indian shopping websites like Firstcry, Myntra, Hopscotch, and Amazon India, and get their order delivered to Australia using Shoppre consolidation and repackaging service!

Holi shopping sites india
Top 5 websites for Holi shopping

The festival of colors is knocking on the door and it’s time to be the most vibrant on this special day (Holi Sale 2021). Celebrate this Holi by grabbing your favorite top brands at discounted prices from India’s top 5 trending websites.

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Isha Life: Holistic Lifestyle

‘Isha Life’ leads its way under the guidance of Sadhguru, a Padham Vibhusan recipient, Indian Yogi, and author. His tremendous work in the field of social service has helped a lot of people. Apart from being a source of true inspiration, he is also a great Guru. He preaches inner engineering and various methods of meditation to achieve inner peace and balance in life.

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Unfold joy and colors this Holi

Indian festivals are all about togetherness, fun, and traditions. Holi is nothing different. It is wrapped in the essence of the lively spirit of the Indian people, their joy and enthusiasm towards the rich culture. The best way to experience Holi’s frolic is by playing Holi in India. It is at this festival when even enemies hug and apply Gulaal at each other’s cheeks. Even strangers become friends.

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Buy from Myntra India, and Ship to Singapore

If you want to shop from Myntra as a customer from Singapore, you may face many challenges, just like one of our customers from Singapore did. They wanted to purchase some items from Myntra but couldn't do so. Because they did not have an Indian card to place the order, Myntra did not accept the payment. Neither did they have an Indian address which they could use for delivery.

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Let us shop for you: Personal Shopper Service

How many times has it happened that you were excited about buying something online but couldn’t do it? Often? We understand that for an international customer, shopping from Indian online stores can be difficult.