Sell Indian products internationally by availing cheapest shipping rates with Shoppre

  23rd Jul, 2021  |    Tanuja P

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Buy Indian products and sell them internationally with Shoppre

Are you a seller who sells Indian products by residing abroad? If yes, you might have paid higher shipping charges many times while trying to get Indian products delivered internationally. Many of the sellers who have made shipments internationally completely understand customs hassle. To avoid that and get updated on the items you can, talk to us,

Shoppre is a shipping and packaging company, which aims to provide 60-80% discount on the shipping cost. There is also a complete seller support team, which will help you understand what to send and what not to ship internationally. If you want to get more details, pick up your phone and give us a call at +91-9880393291. We’re always at your service.

Selling internationally and Cross-border shipping

Problems faced when you ship products through other international shippers

There are many offline store owners who go through many difficulties during international shipping.

When you ship all your products through other known international shippers, the price offered by them is way too high. When your product/item gets stuck in the customs of the receiving country, the knowledge shared by them is minimal. Therefore, you face a lot of hassle to ship products from India to abroad due to a lack of proper information.

Reasons to choose Shoppre for shipping products worldwide

There are multiple reasons for which a seller would like to connect with Shoppre for shipping Indian products.

  • We provide the best shipping rate in the market. Our specialty is that we can send a shipment as small as 0.5kg and the rate still remains the same.
  • We assure you that you will not have to worry about the paperwork and update the tracking details until the item is delivered. Round-the-clock customer service will be available at your service.
  • In all, if you are an international seller, you can save up to 60-80% on your shipping charges after signing up with Shoppre.
  • You can order from all the Indian online stores/Indian sellers and deliver your items to Shoppre address.
  • We provide a 20 days free locker facility during which you can store as many items as you want. Later, we will consolidate and ship all your items together to your doorstep.

Additional discount for international sellers

Shoppre has a separate plan for international sellers, allowing them to get some extra discounts while shipping large volumes of shipments per month. Shoppre can also manage the seller’s inventory. We will give each product a unique code, and the seller can select the product and the destination individually or by clubbing a few. To get more details on this matter, reach out to us on WhatsApp or email at [email protected]

Basic Plan/Free Plan for international sellers

If you sign up with Shoppre, you will get only 20 days of free locker storage facility during which you can buy and store as many items as you want. The Consolidation charges will be 50 INR/package, and the photo charge is INR 5.

Return charges are INR 50/item *(If you have received a wrong or damaged item from Amazon, you can return them to the online store free of cost).

However, if multiple packages are there, then the consolidation charges will be INR 50/package.

Enjoy more benefits with our Premium Plan

If you buy our premium plan for INR 2999 (for six months) or INR 4999 (for one year), you will get a 30 days free locker facility. The Consolidation charges will be INR 10/package, and the photo charge will be free. You will also get a 5% discount on shipping charges + seasonal offers.Return charges are free.

There are many other more benefits which you can avail of by signing up with our premium plan.

package consolidation services

So, hurry up, and sign up with Shoppre to enjoy a smooth shipping experience with amazing discounts.

Case study:

We are helping customers from startups/entrepreneurs/sellers to empower their business globally.

We helped Mr. Sharma, an Indian seller, expand his business abroad and he saved a lot of money by shipping with us.

Let’s take a look at his savings:

He has saved INR 64,591 in 7 month

He will save INR 110, 727 in a year

He will save INR 553, 637 in 5 year

Mr. Sharma has saved this much money just by signing up with our premium plan, and guess what, you can do that too and save big on your shipping cost.


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