Important Elements to know about Volumetric Weight

  18th Jun, 2021  |    Tanuja P

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What is volumetric weight?

Volumetric weight means the overall size of a parcel which is generally used for commercial freight transport. Volumetric weight depends on the volume (size) of the shipment. To calculate volumetric weight, measure the length, width, and height of the box and then multiply the results to obtain the cubic size of your package.

In case of package weight, actual or volumetric weight whichever is higher in terms of weight will be charged for shipping. The formula for volumetric shipment is (Length x Width x Height) in CMS, divided by 5000.

Often, the cost of shipping is dictated by the volumetric weight of your parcel rather than the actual weight. This is because the shipping company’s pricing is calculated based on whichever is the greater out of the volumetric weight and the actual weight.

How is volumetric weight calculated?

Volumetric weight can be calculated by multiplying the box length, breadth, and height. You can calculate the volumetric weight in centimeters. If you are using centimeters then divide the result by 5000. The resulting figure represents the volumetric weight of your parcel.

Weight Measurement Technique for Package's

Why does volumetric weight matter?

The volumetric weight of the packages helps the shipping companies to charge customers the correct rates. The transport carriers are using volumetric calculations to determine transport costs. Because of this, you need to be aware of them as you include them into your shipping strategy and pass them on to buyers.

Difference between volumetric weight & actual weight?

Actual weight is the true weight of the package as it says on the weighing scale. However, volumetric weight defines how much space the package occupies according to its dimensions, which is then converted to its equivalent weight.

Calculating the dimensional weight or volumetric weight of a parcel was the solution used by shipping companies to make sure that every transport vehicle (e.g., van, truck, plane, or ship) is filled most effectively.

How can you maintain the volumetric weight?

We can use volumetric shipping to our advantage by maximizing shipping efficiency. There are three ways in which we can maintain the volumetric weight.

  1. Efficient packaging - Using the smallest possible box for every item is the first and most vital step in maintaining the volumetric weight. Also, you will need an effective tool that will help you to automate the process and ensure every order goes in the right box.
  2. Efficient grouping - When shipping multiple products or orders at once, you may be able to leverage the system and create a single shipment that’s perfectly balanced in weight and dimensions. By pairing lower and higher density items together, you can minimize any potential losses caused by volumetric weight rating.
  3. Pack according to the carrier guidelines - While packaging the products, be sure to follow all the carrier guidelines in order to make a safe delivery. Shipping products can be tough, but shipping fragile items can be even tougher. So, if the products are fragile, you have to take extra care while packing them. The carrier guidelines will help you to make the packing process easy and smooth

Tricks to reduce shipping cost:

  1. Reduce dimension of your package - Unless you’re using flat-rate shipping, then shipping heavy items cost more. If you’re using too big of a box for a lightweight item, you will pay more than you should because of the space the package takes up. Larger boxes can lead to larger dimensional weight, which in turn will lead to higher shipping costs.
  2. Get discounted shipping rates - All shipping companies have pricing discounts available based on shipping volume. Avail of those shipping companies which give more discounts on shipping.

International Shipping cost calculator

The easiest way to learn how to calculate shipping costs is to use a calculator. The shipping calculator allows you to get an estimate of your shipping charge. Most of the shipping companies use this calculator to get an estimate of the shipping cost. If a customer wants to check the cost of his shipment, he can do it just by using the shipping cost calculator.


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