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Purchase from 1000+ Indian online stores and add virtual locker address as delivery address.


Ship Internationally

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Purchase from 1000+ online stores and add virtual locker address as delivery address


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Did you know that India has over 1000 shopping portals online? The number is only going up by day.

The beauty of e-commerce is, it makes the market truly borderless. Indian trends are gaining popularity and global shoppers are noticing Indian Online Stores now more than ever!

Shop around for anything under the sun!

From car seats to cosmetics, you can find anything online and get us to ship’em to you; given that your purchases follow our Customs & Clearance policies & yours.

What makes India attractive as a shopping hub?

Apart from the global NRI community that is always the most-enthusiastic about Indian products, the other shoppers from around the world approach Indian sellers as their shopping sites offer cheap prices for high-quality products like clothing & accessories. The huge difference in currency values doesn’t hurt either!

Where do we come in to the picture?

The majority of shopping sites - even the top e-commerce companies in India such as Amazon India, Flipkart or Myntra - doesn’t offer International shipping as a service. So for those who tends to do online shopping here ends up with having to look for an international shipping solution from outside the bounds of the seller to ship their purchases in from India.

Grab the best deals, and never miss the crazy sales on your favourite shopping site!

Here we get all the popular indian portals including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra & more in one place so that you can check out the offers & sales running on them and pick & choose your purchases well-informed!

How do you get us to ship to your destination?

Just ship your purchases to the virtual shipping address we provide, and we take it from there. We have even a Personal Shopper in case you need help with your shopping.

Now shop from Jabong, SnapDeal or any other Indian online seller among the many without a doubt; we have made international shipping and, shopping for that matter, tons easier!

We ship to 220+ countries including the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Maldives, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE & more.

Can I shop from popular Indian fashion websites and have the items delivered internationally?

Yes, you can shop from popular Indian fashion websites like Amazon and have your purchases delivered internationally through Shoppre. Simply ship your items to the virtual shipping address provided by, and they will handle the international shipping process for you.

Are there any Indian online shopping sites that offer international delivery directly?

While many Indian online shopping sites do not offer international delivery directly, Shoppre serves as a solution for international customers who wish to shop from these websites. Shoppre provides international shipping services from various Indian online sellers to over 220 countries worldwide.

What are some benefits of shopping from Indian online stores?

Shopping from Indian online stores offers several benefits. Indian products, particularly clothing and accessories, are known for their high quality at affordable prices. Additionally, the exchange rate advantage due to the difference in currency values makes Indian online stores attractive to global shoppers.

Can I access all the popular Indian shopping portals through Shoppre?

Yes, Shoppre allows you to access and shop from popular Indian shopping portals such as Amazon India, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Firstcry, and many others. You can browse these portals, explore offers and sales, and make well-informed purchases using Shoppre's services.

Which countries does Shoppre offer international shipping to?

Shoppre offers international shipping to more than 220 countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Maldives, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and many more. You can have your purchases from Indian online stores delivered to your desired destination worldwide.

What if I need assistance with my shopping? Does Shoppre provide any support?

Yes, offers a Personal Shopper service in case you need help with your shopping. Whether you need recommendations, guidance, or assistance in finding specific products, their Personal Shopper can assist you throughout the shopping process.