Refund And Cancellation Policy

The Member authorizes to charge his/her payment method for all services and/or account activity with Such charges may include but are not limited to membership dues, shipping and handling charges, return/reroute fees, storage charges, late charges, and any optional services. Failure to provide payment for services rendered at the time of service may result in late charges, stop shipment charges, suspension of service, cancellation of membership, and involuntary return or the discarding of any remaining merchandise.
Shipping costs are based on the weight and dimensions of your shipments. Shipping costs will be charged according to the actual weight or dimensional weight, whichever is greater. will allow active members to store their merchandise for up to 20 days at no charge. After 20 days, Members agree to pay storage charges per box per day, consistent with's current schedule of fees. Prohibited or restricted merchandise is not storable and will be rejected, forfeited (and sold with the proceeds donated to charity), destroyed, or provided to government officials. Insurance costs for shipments of merchandise are based on the insured value. Each INR 6000 of insured value costs INR 120. The insured value is subject to the terms and conditions of the particular carrier's airway bill(s). All claims are reviewed individually and any claim payment will be based on the declared value.

Claims for lost or damaged merchandise must be filed within the published time limits of the particular carrier. Claims are considered filed when a fully completed claim form, photograph(s), and supporting documentation, including receipts, are received by Claims are reviewed individually and the review process will take a minimum of eight (8) weeks. Specific commodities, including televisions, computers, electronics, jewelry, figurines, furniture and lighting have limits of liability in case of loss or damage regardless of the declared value or insurance costs paid. Any liability for damage or loss caused after delivery to is limited to the lesser of either the declared value, proof of purchase price, or the specific commodity liability limit. No liability will be assumed by for damage or loss caused to any items before delivery to or caused to merchandise prepackaged by manufacturer. Failure to file a completed claim within the carrier time limit will invalidate the claim. does not maintain its own Aircraft Accident Liability Insurance coverage. Either party may cancel the Membership Agreement with written notice (via email, fax, letter, or, to the extent provided by the website, online). Each Member, as collateral security for the prompt and complete payment and performance when due (whether at stated maturity, by acceleration or otherwise) of any amounts owed to by such Member, whether under these Terms and Conditions or otherwise (the "Secured Obligations"), hereby mortgages, pledges and hypothecates to and grants to a lien on and security interest in, all of its right, title and interest into and under any and all packages shipped by such Member to

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, may, without demand of performance or other demand, presentment, protest, advertisement or notice of any kind (except any notice required by law referred to below) to or upon a Member or any other person (all and each of which demands, defenses, advertisements and notices are hereby waived to the extent permitted by law), during the continuance of any account delinquency (personally or through its agents or attorneys):

  1. Enter upon the premises where any and all packages shipped by such Member to are located, without any obligation to pay rent, through self-help to the extent permitted by law, without judicial process, without first obtaining a final judgment or giving a Member or any other person notice or opportunity for a hearing on's claim or action, except as may be required by applicable non-waivable laws,
  2. Collect, receive, appropriate and realize upon any such packages and
  3. Sell, assign, convey, transfer, grant option or options to purchase and deliver any such packages, in one or more parcels at public or private sale or sales, at any exchange, broker's board or office of or elsewhere upon such terms and conditions as it may deem advisable and at such prices as it may deem best, for cash or on credit or for future delivery without assumption of any credit risk, in each case, subject to applicable non-waivable laws.

Title to any items that cannot be exported after arrival at the facility will be forfeited by the Member. will have the option of returning all such forfeited packages/mail to the sender(s) and/or of discarding the items, including by:

  1. Selling any items not returned to the seller and then providing the proceeds of such sales to charity,
  2. Destroying such items, or
  3. providing such items to a government official.

The Member agrees and acknowledges that he/she shall purchase any and all merchandise from Sellers in a manner that:

  1. Transfers title to the Member prior to the time that the merchandise is received at the Shoppre warehouse and
  2. in accordance with risk of loss terms that provide either that the buyer or the Member bears the full costs and risks of moving the goods from the buyer's location to the Shoppre warehouse.

Monthly membership charges (for resellers) are non-refundable.

Each package received by with an incomplete, incorrect, or old address that can be associated with a Member will be assessed a charge consistent with's current schedule of fees. Members should ensure that all merchants and sellers mark all packages with the complete and accurate address, including the Member's unique Locker number that has been assigned for consolidation purposes. All packages received with incomplete, incorrect, or old addresses that cannot be associated with a Member will be returned to the Sender or discarded.

All invoices past due for more than twenty (20) days will be assessed a flat fee plus a percentage per month late charge consistent with's current schedule of fees. Personal Shopper orders past due for more than fifteen (15) days will be assessed a flat fee plus a percentage per month late charge, consistent with's current schedule of fees, for each 20 day period that an order remains past due.

The Member's Locker number is to be used only for package consolidation purposes. The Member will not represent the Locker number as its address for any purpose other than as the address to which packages may be delivered prior to export, including, but not limited to, representing that its Locker number is the address of the Member's place of business or residence. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the cancellation of the Member's account.

The Member is solely responsible for complying with any terms and conditions of sale that may be imposed by the seller of the merchandise. The Member acknowledges that is not responsible for any action taken by the seller with respect to the Member's order as a result of the seller's terms and conditions of sale.

The Member also is responsible for informing the seller that any merchandise purchased and sent to's facility ultimately will be exported out of India.