Hassle-free Customs and VAT-free Shipping to Europe with Shoppre.com

  17th July, 2023  |    Gopika Suresh

Hassle-free Customs and VAT-free Shipping to Europe with Shoppre.com

When it comes to international shipping, dealing with customs and VAT charges can be a major headache. However, with the brand new partnership between Shoppre.com and ShipGlobal, your worries can be laid to rest. In this blog post, we provide customs and VAT free shipping to Europe, streamlining the entire shipping process for online shoppers.

Understanding Customs and VAT:

Before diving into Shoppre’s services, let's briefly discuss the concept of customs and VAT charges. When goods are imported into a country, customs duties are fees imposed by the government on imported goods. VAT (Value Added Tax) is an additional tax levied on the value of goods and services.

Shoppre.com: The Solution to Customs and VAT Woes:

Shoppre is an innovative shipping and consolidation platform that caters specifically to international shoppers who want to shop from Indian online stores and ship globally. By leveraging their strategic partnerships and expertise, we ensure that your purchases smoothly enter the desired European destination without any hassles.

Shoppre goes a step further by providing a VAT-free shopping experience. Thanks to their innovative routing methods, they can help save customers from paying hefty VAT charges, making the overall shopping experience more cost-effective and convenient.

How Shoppre.com Works:

Using our service is simple and straightforward. Here's a basic overview of the process:

  • Sign up and get your unique virtual shipping address in India
  • Shop from your favorite Indian online stores, providing your Shoppre.com address at checkout
  • Your purchases will be received at the Shoppre.com warehouse
  • Consolidate your items (if desired) and choose a payment method
  • We will handle all the necessary documents and customs procedures
  • Your package will be delivered to your doorstep in Europe, customs-free and VAT-free.

What can you expect from this service?

"Thanks to Shoppre, I no longer have to worry about customs and VAT charges when purchasing from Europe. Not only do they simplify the entire shipping process, but their consolidation services have also saved me a lot of money. Highly recommended!" - Germany

Shoppre’s customs and VAT free shipping services to Europe have revolutionized the way international shoppers can enjoy hassle-free and cost-effective shopping experiences. Say goodbye to expensive surprises and enjoy a seamless Indian shopping experience while you're away from the country with Shoppre.com

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