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  17th Aug, 2021  |    Debadrita

shoppre referral program

What is Shoppre’s Refer & Earn program?

Shoppre has launched a referral program for all of its customers. This program will let each customer refer a friend and earn an extra referral reward to their Shoppre wallet. The person who will refer can find the unique code/ referral link on their ‘Refer and Earn’ page inside the dashboard. This link will be given to the referee (who uses the referral code) to sign up and get the referral reward.

The referral program is applicable only to Parcel Forwarding and Personal Shopper customers.

How does Refer & Earn work?

Referring to a friend or family member is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Copy and share the unique code with your friend on any platform you wish.
  • You can also use the share function or other social media options available to share preset text along with the code and link on the platform of your choice.

Who can I refer?

Your referral code can be used by anybody new to the Shoppre platform. The referrer (one who refers) can find the unique code/ referral link on their ‘Refer and Earn’ page. The referee (who uses the referral code) can use the code/ link to sign up and get the referral reward.

What is Shoppre giving as the referral reward?

The first 100 people using the referral program will get INR 500 cashback to their Shoppre wallet. The person whom they have referred will get INR 350 cashback after they place their first order on Shoppre’s platform. This is a limited period offer given to only 100 people.

However, those who could not make it up to the 100 races, don’t be sad. Shoppre has a reward for you as well.

There is always a referral reward whenever you refer. You will get INR 350 cashback and the referee will also get INR 250 cashback after making their first order.

How can I use my Referral Rewards?

The customers can use the referral reward cashback during their payments on the platform within the validity period. You can spend the cashback amount on Personal Shopper payments or during the making the shipment request payment. Also, you can use the referral reward for buying our membership plan.

How can I view the referral cashback?

The cashback received will be reflected in the Shoppre Wallet for both the referrer and the referee as Referral Reward. The referrer can see a history of the people who used the code/ link to sign up on their Refer and Earn page or wallet, which they can access through their account.

When will I receive my Reward?

You will receive your Reward when:

  1. The Referred customer becomes a new customer of Shoppre
  2. The Referred Customer completes their first purchase with Shoppre using your “Personal Link”. If a Referred Customer purchases using any other link or method of shopping, the referral will not count as a Qualified Referral, and the Referrer will not earn a Reward

Where do I find a refer option in the dashboard?

You can find the refer option in Shoppre’s homepage dashboard. Click the left side menu, and in the Your Stuff section, you can find the Refer and Earn option. Check the below image of Shoppre dashboard to get your refer and earn link.


Image Source: Shoppre Dashboard

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Comment Section

Erik fernandez

March 2, 2024

I really appreciate your service. It’s a reliable and a trusted service that you are providing.Thank you.


March 20, 2024

Thank you so much for your kind words! We're thrilled to hear that you find our service reliable and trustworthy.

Antony fernandez

March 22, 2024

Hi, I want to shop from amazon India and ship to Oman and Australia. Is it possible.


March 25, 2024

Certainly! We offer shipping services to both Oman and Australia. Simply sign up with Shoppre to receive your Indian virtual address and personal locker number. Utilize these details for your shopping needs, and we'll deliver your items straight to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world.


March 24, 2024

Myntra is not taking my international card payment. What can I do ?


March 25, 2024

- Hi, Don't worry.
We've got you covered with our personal shopping service. If you encounter any difficulties shopping from Indian platforms, simply reach out to us. We'll take care of the shopping and shipping straight to your doorstep.

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