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How to find a cheap and reliable shipping to usa

Cheapest way to send parcel to USA from India

Cheap International Shipping from India to USA

Choose Shoppre for cheap international shipping from India to the USA as we offer the most affordable and reliable way to send your courier.

Our trusted courier partners ensure that your packages are delivered within 3-6 working days to anywhere in the USA and over 220 countries while saving you up to 80% on shipping rates.

What sets us apart is our comprehensive range of services, including package forwarding and courier delivery. With Shoppre, you can enjoy the added benefit of FREE 20 days storage service, convenient pickup from your doorstep in India, and swift delivery. We have partnered with renowned courier services like DHL, DTDC, and more to provide you with the best courier service from India to the USA, ensuring competitive rates and efficient shipping.

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Special services provided by us for the ease of shipping from India to USA

If you come across some kind of trouble while making your payment with your international card or an issue arises related to your order, then you can request a personal shopper from shoppre for assisted purchasing. All you need to do is, fill a form of your order and we buy those items for you, and when you make the shipping request, we will dispatch your order that you shall receive within 3-6 working days.

We also have some amazing and super saver membership plans for customers who use our services including personal shopper frequently or buy bulk international shipments and do bulk shipping from India to USA. You can see the difference in the cost of courier from India to USA with these plans. We have two plans- the basic plan and the premium plan, for both yearly and half-yearly basis. We recommend the premium plan for huge savings that is up to 80% on shipping rates.

Shoppre International Package Forwarding service includes:

  • International shipping from "India"
  • Repackaging items (if needed) to ensure safe arrival and lower shipping cost
  • Consolidating several packages to reduce shipping cost
  • Large international shipping rate discounts from carriers (Aipex, DHL, DTDC & More).
  • Shipment insurance & Item storage
  • Payment via bank transfer, Paypal, credit card, debit card, netbanking & more

What do we ship?

Almost anything that falls under the international export & customs guidelines and policies can be shipped through Shoppre. The most common items that we ship are;

  • Clothing, shoes & accessories
  • Documents/Letters
  • Homemade/processed/branded food items
  • Holiday greetings & gifts

We are ready to ship anything for you including kids toys, medicine, documents, sports equipment, homemade food, artwork, artificial jewellery, gifts, cell phones, religious items and many more products.

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Some other questions that you might have

1. How long does shipping from India to usa take?

Once your package is consolidated, packed and all set at our warehouse, and we receive your request to ship, then it just takes 3-6 working days to ship your package to the USA or ANYWHERE in the world.

2. What are the courier charges from India to usa?

We have the cheapest way of shipping by offering up to 80% less shipping cost and the international courier to USA starts at just ₹1449/-. Check here for the best courier rates from India to the USA for your package.
You can use our shipping cost calculator to know Shipping charges from india to usa per kg.

3. Can you courier medicines from India to usa?

Yes, we courier medicine, ayurvedic medicines and herbs from India to USA starting at just ₹1449/- . For shipping medicines from india to usa you will just need the doctor’s prescription and the commercial bill and we will arrange a pickup at your doorstep for your package. We have partnered with some of the renowned courier services like DHL and DTDC, hence making medicine delivery to the US from India safe and fast.

4. Can we send clothes to USA from India?

Yes, you can send as many clothes as you want in a package via our international courier delivery services that you can count on for fast and safe courier delivery to the US, making shipping clothes from INDIA to USA easy and efficient.

5. Can you ship Sarees from India to usa?

You can ship any type of clothing from india to usa, shipping sarees from india to usa, shipping used clothes from india to usa or even shipping dresses from india to usa is possible.

6. How can we send LED TV from India to usa?

Shipping led tv from usa to india is easy with shoppre’s amazing and reliable courier services that offers up to 80% lower shipping cost, making it the best courier rates from India to the USA. We ship items like these that need to be handled with care with our courier partners like DHL and DTDC while offering DHL courier tracking from India to USA and DTDC courier from india to USA tracking for safety.

7. Can you send Furniture from India to usa?

Yes in fact we are shipping heavy items from india to usa with our trusted courier partners that ensure safe and timely delivery of your package. Thus making Shipping furniture from India to USA cost efficient and hassle free.

8. Can you ship Snacks from India to usa?

Yes, we do have food courier service from India to USA. But you cannot send certain items like Perishable Foods, Ghee, rice etc that are prohibited and you cannot ship from India.

There are some items that fall under the prohibited items category and we unable to ship prohibited and non-approved restricted items on behalf of our customers.

9. How Can you ship Jewelry from India to usa?

Since any form of precious metals are banned to be exported from India, we ship Artificial Jewellery from india to usa through our courier services that will take care of your package.

10. How Can you ship Mango from India to usa?

Once your package is consolidated, packed and all set at our warehouse, and we receive your request to ship, then it just takes 3-6 working days to ship your package to the USA or ANYWHERE in the world.

11. Can you ship books from India to usa?

Yes you can ship books from india to usa or any part of the world through Shoppre. Your parcel will be taken care of. We make shipping books from india to usa completely hassle free.

To send a courier abroad, all you have to do is;

1. Schedule a Pickup from ANYWHERE in India; our experts will come to your door to pick it up,

2. We process it while you pay us the shipping cost.

3. And, we jump through hoops to dispatch your package off to your destination in just 48 hours,

4. One of our efficient & appropriate courier partners will get the package to its destination in just 3-6 days, ANYWHERE in the world.

Shoppre Shipping Features & Benefits

  • circleHome/work delivery services
  • circle20-day Free, Safe storage
  • circleDelivery as fast as 3-6 day
  • circleReal time online tracking
  • circleDoor to door Pickup in India
  • circle8-23 IST Customer Support
  • circleIndia Shipping Address
  • circleDoor to door delivery in USA
  • circlePhoto Updates
  • circleWallet Cashback
  • circleCommercial courier services
  • circleOnline Payment Options

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