We repack individual shipments for free and help in reducing wasted space
which will allow you to save over 20% on shipping charges.

We only repack goods which :

  • Require added protection and security if it is inadequately packed for international shipping.
  • Have high volumetric weight than the actual weight.
  • We will repack each package to reduce the weight, which will reduce your shipping cost .Original package contents are not compromised by repackaging.
  • If you don't wish for your shipments to be repacked, you can set that preference in your account.

Repack example :

  • Package from a store was shipped to the warehouse in a box 25x11x11 inches, representing a volumetric weight of 10kg.
  • After repackaging, the receipt dimensions were reduced to ((21x10x10 inches), representing a volumetric weight of 7kg.
  • Saving to the customer was 3kg. in shipping volumetric weight.

ShoppRe's consolidation service

Combine your packages from multiple stores to one tracking number,
and save upto 60% - 80% on shipping rates!

For example:

Shipping Directly from most sellers

Shipping each item abroad separately :
Total Shipping Cost $60

shipping through ShoppRe.com

Shipping all the items in ONE package:
Total Shipping Costs : $15

67% Less than Shipping Directly from Stores

When packages are shipped individually, each package bears the rate of the first kilo rate.
But when you consolidate, you pay for the first half kilo only once!

Enjoy ShoppRe's special discount rates with our trusted courier partners like DHL, DTDC, etc.
thanks to our bulk shipment every month!

free storage upto 20 days

In an effort to maximise consolidation, we will store your packages for 20 days for free. That gives you time to shop and ship your items to our warehouse, allowing for more packages to be consolidated which saves you money on international shipping costs.