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How Relevant Is Our Personal Shopper?

While the market happens to be the whole world, shopping also becomes a more-than-one-person job

Personal Shopper - the phrase indicates a person who'd run around the shops & do the shopping for you; either standing by your side through the whole time you shop, or doing it all on your behalf without your presence. What Shoppre offers is a virtual Personal Shopper who stands for all the aforementioned Personal Shopping Services but, performed online.

While you're an avid shopper with only international Credit/Debit cards to make payment; Our Personal Shopper will come to your aid just like how an International Personal Shopper would help you out in any other country other than your home. We offer to either pay for you on your behalf after you place the order and get it shipped to the Virtual Shipping Address we provide, given that you'll have to pay us later down the line or; do the entire shopping for you.

Each of our Personal Shopper Orders is carefully dealt with, and made sure of being a quality experience for the particular customer until we send off the package abroad. With the set of our top-notch services as far as Assisted Purchase is concerned; we figured it'd be the best gift for foreign shoppers and the global NRI community alike. It also rectifies the issue of not having an Indian address to ship your packages to - enter, the Virtual Shipping Address!

The majority of Indian Sellers do not offer to ship packages abroad. May it be Amazon India, Myntra or Flipkart (who currently do not deliver internationally); their customers from outside of India will have to find another option to help them with all of these hassles and ship off their packages to their destination in the safest & most-affordable way possible.

What our Personal Shoppers exist for, is to make the whole process of online shopping with international shipping as easy & smooth as possible.

Here's how we operate;

Can't wait to find out how it works? You don't have to think twice about shopping from India anymore, our Personal Shoppers are the expert help you sure need.

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