Me with my friends who are studying at UC Berkeley.

Me with my friends who are studying at UC Berkeley purchased items from india and delivered by Shoppre.

Ahh it was a rare occasion that I received my admission letter from MIT.

Yes, I’m a engineering student in India and was always fascinated by the things that were happening in Silicon valley and wanted to be a part of it. 

After finishing my bachelor thesis and finishing my ‘final defence’, I came back to my hostel and started pondering about all the applications to Ivy League Universities in the US.

Next minute I received a mail telling me the “I got into MIT”, I was overjoyed. 

I was expecting it and was very glad that I had made it. Not wasting much time, I had to send in all the hard-copy of the documents. Just then, my roommate suggested that I use shopper.com, as they are reliable and fast and trustworthy. 

I dialled up the SHOPPRE number and they guided me on filling up a form giving in all the details of the documents and its weight.

A delivery guy came to my place and picked up the package and I could easily track the movement of my package on the website, in my account. 

It reached safely to the addressed location. Thank you Shoppre, for the quick support.