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Easy sign-up on SHOPPRE for your Indian virtual address for free



Use this Indian virtual address to shop on



Your items arrive at our warehouse. Store for free upto 20 days



Once you are done shopping we put them all in a box & ship to you

What makes us special?

First, let’s learn what are the challenges faced by a customer when they shop from from outside India

No Indian Address requires you to put in an Indian Address at checkout.

Expensive to ship multiple items

Mostly does not ship internationally, if at all it does, it ships each item individually making it expensive

Hassles of Foreign Payment also does not accept some of the International payment modes/cards

Benefits of Shoppre

Sign up on Shoppre for FREE to avail Benefits that cannot match any other providers in India

Virtual Indian Address

Virtual Indian Address

Register with us & get a Free Indian Virtual Address with a unique locker number.

20-Day Free Storage

20-Day Free Storage

Shop as much as you want from India; we'll store them in your locker for FREE for 20 days!



Combine your packages from multiple stores to one tracking number, save upto 60-80% on shipping rates!

Re-Packaging Service


We’ll repack and consolidate your items into one shipment saving 60-80% on your shipping cost.

Affordable Rates Shipping Rates

Most Affordable Rates

Shoppre provides the cheapest international shipping rates.

Photo Updates

Photo Updates

We take a photo of each individual item on request so that you can see it before getting it delivered to you.

Door to Door Delivery

Door to Door Delivery

Reliable, cost effective and hassle free door to door service, Worldwide delivery in 3-6 days.

online support

Online Support

Shoppre helps you with shopping, shipping, packaging & more. Our support is available from 8-23 IST

24/7 Support

Country Discounts

Country Discount + Seasonal Offers + 5% Discount*.

International Shipping prices from India

We are the BEST in the market.




Country: United States


Mode Standard Price Premium Memeber Price Timeline
Express INR INR 50% OFF INR INR  55% OFF 3 to 6 Business Days

Important information that you should not miss ⚡

1. Shipping Charges 📦

Shipment charges are calculated according to the higher of actual or volumetric weight per piece. The price shown above is to ship your parcel from our warehouse in India to your destination address.

2.  Duties / VAT / Clearance Charges / Admin Charges at Destination 🛃

Shipping price does not include Duty/VAT or any clearance/admin charges imposed at Destination. If any imposed receiver is liable to pay.

3. Consolidation Charges 🔄

For every package that we combine, there is an additional charge of Rs. 50/per package

4. Liquid/Special Items Clearance Charges 🧪

Additional charges are applicable in case the content is liquid/semi-liquid in nature

Hire a Personal Shopping Assistant accepting only Indian Payments & not your International Card/mode?

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Choose the products you wish to purchase from


Copy the url & other details on our form here


Pay Shoppre the cost of the items & a nominal fee of 7% or Rs. 200 whichever is higher. Here you can use your International card to pay us.


Sit back & relax while we shop on behalf of you!

Common FAQ

Yes, Shoppre allows you to shop from Firstcry and ship your orders globally.

Sign up and get your personal locker number and a virtual address. Shop from Firstcry using those details. We will do the quality checking and ship them to your doorstep worldwide. If you are facing any issues while shopping, We have a personal shopper service for you. Simply provide the Firstcry product link and details to Shoppre, and we will handle the rest.

No, you will get a FREE virtual address while signing up with Shoppre. There will be a nominal service fee, which is 7% of the order value if you choose personal shopper service. In addition to any shipping and customs charges, for handling your Firstcry orders.

You have the option to return any product from the Shoppre Warehouse to Firstcry, provided that Firstcry's return policy allows returns for the specific product you've selected. However, once we've dispatched the products to your doorstep, we don't facilitate returns. It's worth noting that our team conducts an internal quality check upon the product's arrival at the Shoppre Warehouse. We also take a photograph of the product and upload it to your dashboard. This provides you with valuable insights, helping you decide whether to proceed with the shipment or initiate a return.

You can estimate your shipping cost on our website using our shipping calculator or contact our support team for assistance.

Yes, Shoppre offers consolidation services to combine multiple orders into a single shipment, potentially reducing shipping costs.

Customs duties may apply depending on your country's regulations. Shoppre can assist with customs documentation, but you may be responsible for any duties incurred.

Shoppre offers versatile payment options, including PayPal, Razorpay, PayGlocal, supporting both international and Indian cards, internet banking, and UPI payments. Our global customers have seamlessly used these methods. Firstcry, on the other hand, accepts specific international payments. If your payment encounters issues on Firstcry, don't worry. We provide a personal shopping service. You can simply tell us what you want to buy, and we'll make the purchase on your behalf.

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